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Shotgun Angel is the title of a 1977 album released by Daniel Amos. The album itself is named after a song written by Bill Sprouse Jr.. For additional information on the song itself, see "Shotgun Angel (song)".

The album is named after the song of the same name, which is also found on the album. The song was written years earlier by Bill Sprouse Jr. for his band The Road Home. After Sprouse's untimely death at age twenty-six, Mike Shoup dug up an old four-track tape and asked Dom Franco of the Maranatha! group Bethlehem to add pedal steel guitar to the song. When Daniel Amos heard it they enlisted Franco to play the pedal steel and Mike and Ed to add the CB radio voices on the recording. Not only did it become a popular song at the time for D.A., it would also become the title of their second album.

Although DA's previous release was largely country, this album marked the start of a return to the band's pre-label roots, rock and roll, which took some of their country fans by surprise. Shotgun Angel was half country and half rock-opera. The 'side two' of the LP featured lush orchestrations and a string of rock songs linked together in a way that was reminiscent of The Beatles Sgt. Peppers album. The band even made a number of concert performances at this time with a full orchestra backing them.

In 1986, the entire "side two" of the album was remixed and re-released on a collection called The Revelation. The song "Soon!" was also added.

In 2001 M8 distributed a two-CD Shotgun Angel: 25th Anniversary Edition. The first CD was a re-issue of the original album while the second featured a two-part interview with Terry Taylor and Jerry Chamberland on "The Rock & Religion Show.


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