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SimpleText is the native text editor for the Classic Mac OS. SimpleText allows editing including text formatting (underline, italic, bold, etc.), fonts, and sizes. It can be considered similar to Windows' WordPad application. In later versions it also gained additional read only display capabilities for PICT files, as well as other Mac OS built-in formats like Quickdraw GX and QTIF, 3DMF and even QuickTime movies. SimpleText can even record short sound samples and, using Apple's PlainTalk speech system, read out text in English.

SimpleText evolved from TeachText which was used to distribute Readme documents, which was derived from the Edit application, a simple editing application distributed with the earliest of Macintoshes to demonstrate the use of the Macintosh interface. Though there was no limit on the size of SimpleText text documents, like TeachText before it, the application could not directly create or open text documents larger than 32k.

In Mac OS X, SimpleText is replaced by the more powerful TextEdit, which reads and writes more document formats. Mac OS X also includes common Unix-like text editors, such as vim and pico.

Apple has released the source code for a Carbon version of SimpleText in the Panther (10.3) Developer Tools. If the Developer Tools are installed, it can be found at /Developer/Examples/Carbon/SimpleText.

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