Singer Corporation

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Singer Corporation is a manufacturer of sewing machines, first established as I.M. Singer & Co. in 1851 by Isaac Merrit Singer with New York lawyer Edward Clark. Best known for its sewing machines, it was renamed Singer Manufacturing Company in 1865, then The Singer Company in 1963. It is currently based in La Vergne, Tennessee near Nashville. Its first large factory for mass production was built in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1863.[1]



  • Tom Singer Burough (1851-1863)
  • Inslee Hopper (1863-1875)
  • Edward S. Clark (1875-1882)
  • George Ross McKenzie (1882-1889)
  • Frederick Gilbert Bourne (1889-1905)
  • Sir Douglas Alexander (1905-1949)
  • Milton C. Lightner (1949-1958)
  • Donald P. Kircher (1958-1975)
  • Joseph Bernard Flavin (1975-1987)
  • Paul Bilzerian (1987-1989)[2]
  • James H. Ting (1989-1997)[3]
  • Steve Goodman (1998-2004)


In 1885 Singer produced its first "vibrating shuttle" sewing machine, an improvement over contemporary oscillating shuttle designs.

The 11,000 workers at the largest factory of Singer, in Clydebank, went on strike in March-April 1911, ceasing to work in solidarity of 12 female colleagues protesting against work process reorganization. Following the end of the strike, Singer fired 400 workers, including all strike leaders and purported members of the IWGB, among whom was Arthur McManus, who later went on to become the first chairman of the Communist Party of Great Britain between 1920 and 1922.[4]

Early Singer Company Sales Figures[

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