Skinnskatteberg Municipality

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Skinnskatteberg Municipality (Skinnskattebergs kommun) is a municipality in Västmanland County in central Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Skinnskatteberg.

In 1952 a new greater municipality was created when "old" Skinskatteberg was merged with Gunnilbo and Hed. The next subdivision reform of 1971 did not affect this entity.



Minor localities


8% of the area consists of water (streams or lakes). Good possibilities for outdoor activities such as walking, hunting and fishing.


The area was known as Skinnsäckeberg in the medieval age, which translates to "Skinsack mountain", perhaps referring to skinsacks used to carry material up to the mountains, but no one known for sure.

The area, located within the Mining district of Central Sweden (Bergslagen) was a mining district since the 14th century, mostly for iron, but copper was also mined for.


The municipality has among the most mansions of Sweden's municipalities: Baggå, Bernshammars, Färna, Jönsarbo, Karmansbo, Nyhammars, Skinnskatteberg and Uttersberg.

The mansion of Skinskatteberg is particularly well known. It was constructed in 1779 by architect Wilhelm Hising. Every year a choir assembly is held by the mansion.


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Hotells and restaurants
Tre Kolare pub and motell (the old railway station)

Färna Mansion (hotell, spa and restaurant)

Karmansbo Mansion (hotell and restaurant)

List of hotells and cultural heritage in the area

Other sights and landmarks
Galleri Astley (one of the most prestigious and well respected museums in Sweden)
Gunnilbo's Church
Hed's Church
The eco museum Bergslagen
The old school museum in Hed

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