SkyTrain (Vancouver)

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SkyTrain is an urban rapid transit system in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It uses fully automated trains running mostly on elevated tracks. SkyTrain's 68.7 km (42.7 mi) of track make it the longest automated rapid transit system in the world[2] (The automated Dubai metro clams that when its green line opens in 2011, it will beat the Vancouver record by 1km.) It also uses the longest mass transit-only bridge, the Skybridge, to cross the Fraser River.[3] The system has a total of 47 stations on three lines. The Expo Line was built in time for the Expo 86 World's Fair, the Millennium Line opened in 2002, and the Canada Line opened in 2009 in advance of the 2010 Winter Olympics.[4] The SkyTrain network carries an average of 240,000 passengers per weekday on the interlined Expo and Millennium lines, and 105,000 passengers per weekday on the Canada Line. The system saw record ridership during the 2010 Winter Olympics as it moved an average of 622,000 passengers per day during the 17-day event.[1]

The Expo Line and Millennium Line are operated by British Columbia Rapid Transit Company under contract from TransLink (originally BC Transit), a regional government transportation agency. It uses a proof-of-payment fare system shared with local bus services, and is policed by the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service. SkyTrain Attendants (STAs) are present to provide first aid, directions and customer service, inspect fares, monitor train faults, and operate the trains manually if necessary. The Canada Line is operated on the same principles by the private concessionaire ProTrans BC, and is an integrated part of the regional transport system.

Several expansions to the SkyTrain network have been announced. The Evergreen Line, which will run from Lougheed Town Centre to Coquitlam Town Centre, is in the planning stage, with design to occur in 2010 and construction to be complete in 2014. TransLink has also released a ten-year outlook[5] outlining a Broadway Line and further expansion of the Expo Line into Surrey. The Broadway Line, although not confirmed, would likely extend from the Millennium Line at VCC–Clark Station and end at the University of British Columbia in the University Endowment Lands, tunneling underneath 10th Avenue most of the way.[citation needed]


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