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Skyhook or sky hook can refer to:

  • Skyhook (cable), "hook" used to lift an object on a long cable hanging from the sky
  • Skyhook balloon, type of unmanned balloon used by the United States Navy in the late 1940s and in the 1950s for atmospheric research
  • Fulton surface-to-air recovery system, nicknamed Skyhook; retrieval method by which a flying aircraft picks up a payload
  • SkyHook JHL-40, experimental combination airship/helicopter in development by Boeing, primarily for low impact logging
  • Skyhook (structure), class of cable based techniques for lifting payloads to high altitudes and speeds
  • Space elevator, proposed structure designed to transport material from a celestial body's surface into space
  • Cessna CH-1, nicknamed Cessna Skyhook; helicopter produced in the early 1960s by the Cessna Aircraft company that was marketed to the civil sector
  • Skyhook, adaptive suspension system developed by Maserati
  • Skyhook (boarding), binding used in skateboarding and related sports
  • Skyhook (climbing), hook used in technical climbing
  • Skyhook (skydiving), device for quickly extracting reserve parachutes
  • Sky Hook, a Hugo-award nominated science fiction fanzine
  • Sky Hook (film), 1999 Yugoslavian film
  • Skyhook (concept), explanation of design complexity in the universe that does not build on lower, simpler layers
  • Skyhook Wireless is a service for determining geographical location by looking up the MAC Address of a Wireless Access Point
  • Skyhook (boating), used to refer to a computerized system to hold a boat in place using GPS and precise propulsion
  • Airco DH.6, nicknamed Skyhook; early (1916) ab-initio trainer aircraft
  • Hook shot, nicknamed Skyhook; basketball shot popularized by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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