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Slash is the collection of free software Perl modules and stand-alone programs which runs Slashdot, one of the oldest and most popular collaborative blogs in existence.[citation needed]



Slash was originally written by Rob Malda. It was later rewritten for version 2.0 by Patrick Galbraith, Chris Nandor, and Brian Aker. Today Slash is maintained by Nandor, Jamie McCarthy, Tim Vroom, Scott Collins, Chris Brown, and Jonathan Pater. The package is often incorrectly called Slashcode, which is the name of the website and SourceForge project.

Slash is designed to be run on top of the Apache HTTP Server with mod_perl and a MySQL database for data storage and retrieval. It runs Slashdot (which has spawned many imitators, called SlashClones) and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Many other websites use various customized versions of this software for their own web forums.

The last distribution release of Slash was version 2.2.6 in July 2002, but the currently running code on Slashdot is available on a public Git repository via the Slash website. The theme files and a few plugins, however, are not available to the public.

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