Smallville (comics)

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Smallville is the hometown of Superman in comic books published by DC Comics. While growing up in Smallville, the young Clark Kent attended Smallville High with best friends Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang and Pete Ross. Smallville was the setting of many Superboy comics, which depicted Clark as a young man defending Smallville from otherworldly evils and occasionally, the young Lex Luthor. Smallville is also the setting of the television series Smallville which similarly depicts the young Clark Kent.



Smallville is usually portrayed as an idyllic, small isolated American town, with an atmosphere resembling the settings of the paintings of Norman Rockwell. Its residents are generally very friendly, although for a relatively minor civic center its crime rate is unusually high.

Noted residents of Smallville include the Kent family Jonathan and Martha Kent, or Ma and Pa Kent as they were often called, and their adopted son Clark Kent; Clark's friend, classmate and sometimes romantic interest Lana Lang; Clark's best friend Pete Ross, and Smallville police chief Douglas Parker. In the original Superboy comics, other noted residents included Professor Phineas Potter (Lana's uncle), archaeologist Lewis Lang (her father) and the young Lex Luthor. Conner Kent, the current Superboy, lives in Smallville with Ma and Pa Kent, though he did not quite enjoy it until after getting a second chance at life.

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