Sophia Loren

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Sophia Loren (born Sofia Villani Scicolone; September 20, 1934) is an Italian actress.[1]

In 1962, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Two Women,along with 21 awards, becoming the first actress to win an Academy Award for a non-English-speaking performance. Loren has won 50 international awards, including two Oscars, seven Golden Globe Awards, a Grammy Award , a BAFTA Award and a Golden laurel award. Her other films include The Pride and the Passion (1957), Houseboat (1958), El cid (1961), Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963), Marriage Italian Style (1964), A Special Day (1977).In recent years she has starred in successful tv-movies such as Courage(1986)and in american block-busters such asGrumpier Old Men (1995), and Nine (2009).in 1994 he starred in Robert altman's Ready to Wear that earned her a golden globe nomination.

In 1999, Sophia Loren was listed by the American Film Institute on AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars as one of 25 American female screen legends of all time. In 2002, she was honored by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) at its annual Anniversary Gala and was inducted into its Italian American Hall of Fame.


Early life

Loren was born in the Clinica Regina Margherita in Rome,[2][3] daughter of Romilda Villani (1914–1991) and Riccardo Scicolone, a construction engineer.[4] Scicolone refused to marry Villani, leaving her, a piano teacher and aspiring actress, without support.[5] Loren's parents had another child together, her sister Maria, in 1938. Loren also has two younger half-brothers, Giuliano and Giuseppe, on her father's side.[6] Romilda, Loren, and Maria lived with Loren's grandmother in Pozzuoli, near Naples, to survive.[7]

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