Southeastern League

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The Southeastern League was the name of three baseball circuits in minor league baseball league which operated in the Southeastern and South Central United States. Two of these leagues were associated with Organized Baseball; the third and most recent incarnation was an independent league that operated for two seasons in 2002-03.



The first Southeastern League lasted for three years, from 1910 through 1912. At Class D, it was considered on the lowest rung of the minor league ladder, and had six clubs located in the American states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Stung by the midseason collapse of two of its six franchises, this league disbanded on August 2, 1912.

Class B league (1926-50)

In 1926 a new, Class B Southeastern League took the field, with six teams — representing Montgomery, Alabama; Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida; and Albany, Columbus and Savannah, Georgia. Although this league would be periodically shut down by the Great Depression and World War II, it continued as a Class B circuit, four levels below Major League Baseball, through 1950.

Its lineup of teams in its final season included the champion Pensacola Fliers, Meridian Millers, Montgomery Rebels, Jackson Senators, Vicksburg Billies, Selma Cloverleafs, Gadsden Pilots and Anniston Rams. Both Gadsden and Anniston withdrew from the league before the end of the season.

Independent league (2002-03)

The most recent version of the Southereastern League was an independent circuit, with member teams were not affiliated with any Major League Baseball team.

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