Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

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This article is part of the series:
Administrative divisions of the
People's Republic of China

(省; shěng)

Autonomous regions
(自治区; zìzhìqū)

Direct-controlled municipalities
(直辖市; zhíxiáshì)

Special administrative regions
(特别行政区; tèbiéxíngzhèngqū)

(地区; dìqū)

Autonomous prefectures
(自治州; zīzhìzhōu)
Sub-provincial autonomous prefectures

Prefecture-level cities
(地级市; dìjíshì)
Sub-provincial cities
Sub-provincial districts

(盟; méng)

(县; xiàn)

Autonomous counties
(自治县; zìzhìxiàn)

County-level cities
(县级市; xiànjíshì)
Sub-prefecture-level cities

City districts
(市辖区; shìxiáqū)

(旗; qí)

Autonomous banners
(自治旗; zìzhìqí)

Forestry areas
(林区; línqū)

Special districts
(特区; tèqū)

(乡; xiāng)

Ethnic townships
(民族乡; mínzúxiāng)

(镇; zhèn)

(街道办事处; jiēdàobànshìchù)

(苏木; sūmù)

Ethnic sumus
(民族苏木; mínzúsūmù)

District public offices (abolishing)
(区公所; qūgōngsuǒ)

Village Committees
(村民委员会; cūnmínwěiyuánhùi)

Neighborhood Committees
(社区居民委员会; jūmínwěiyuánhùi)

A special administrative region (SAR) is a provincial-level administrative division in the People's Republic of China, for which creation is provided by Article 31 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. Article 31 reads "The state may establish special administrative regions when necessary. The systems to be instituted in special administrative regions shall be prescribed by law enacted by the National People's Congress in the light of the specific conditions".[1]

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