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Specialization or Specialized may refer to:

  • Academic specialization, may be a course of study or major at an academic institution or may refer to the field that a specialist practices in
  • Sub-typing, a way to compartmentalize and reuse code by creating collections of attributes and behaviors called objects which can be based on previously created objects
  • Partial template specialization, a particular form of class template specialization
  • Template specialization, a style of computer programming in which algorithms are written in terms of to-be-specified-later types that are then instantiated when needed for specific types provided as parameters
  • Departmentalization, refers to the process of grouping activities into departments
  • Division of labour, the specialization of cooperative labour in specific, circumscribed tasks and roles
  • Flexible Specialization, the name given to the dominant system of economic production, consumption and associated socio-economic phenomena, in most industrialized countries since the late 20th century
  • Specialization (functional), the separation of tasks within a system

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