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Spit, also referred to as Slam or Speed, is a game of the shedding family of card games for two players. The game is played until all of someone's cards are gone; at which time, the game has finished.



Two players, using a regular deck of 52 playing cards. Older decks are ideal because the cards may become damaged in play. The cards are shuffled well and divided equally - 26 to each player. The cards used are a regular pack of cards without the jokers. If more than two players are desired then more decks of cards may be added, or each player starts with one less hand pile. This works with one deck until 4 players are playing and each player has 3 hand piles.

Each player has to lay out 5 piles on the table. One card is placed face-up, followed by four face-down. Then a card is placed face-up on the first face down card, followed by another three face-down cards. This process is repeated until each of the five piles has a face-up card on top. The rest of the cards are held in the non-preferred hand.

After both players acknowledge readiness, both shout "Spit!" (or begin by counting down "One...two...three...spit!") while turning over the top card in their respective stockpiles. Both cards are placed side by side between the players' hands. These two cards and the cards that will be played on top of them are the spit piles.

The players now play simultaneously as fast as they want. The object is to get rid of all the cards in your hand piles and the cards placed in front of you onto the spit piles. Moving only one card at a time in each of your hands, you can:

  • Play the face up card from the top of one of your piles onto either spit pile. To play a card on a spit pile it has to be next in sequence up or down. Suit and color do not matter. Cards can turn the corner, i.e. on an ace you can play a two or a king.
  • If one (or more) of your piles has its top card face-down, turn the top card of such a pile face-up.
  • move a face up card from the top of a pile into an empty pile space if there is one - note that you can never have more than five piles.
  • If two face-up cards in different piles are identical in number (e.g. Ace of spades and Ace of hearts) you can move one card and stack it on top of the other..

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