Spreading the Disease

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Spreading the Disease is the second studio album by the American heavy metal band Anthrax. It was released on October 30, 1985 through Megaforce Worldwide/Island Records. It was the band's first album to feature vocalist Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello.


Album information

The band produced the album with Carl Canedy, Jon Zazula serving as executive producer. The album includes the single "Madhouse".

A music video was produced for "Madhouse" as well, but didn't receive much airplay because it was banned by MTV, who believed the content to be degrading to the mentally ill.

This was the last Anthrax album to feature songwriting from ex-vocalist Neil Turbin, who is given songwriting credit on the songs "Armed and Dangerous" and "Gung-Ho". Songwriting credit was shared to the track "Medusa", the first and only songwriting contribution from former producer Jon Zazula. Originally he was credited as the sole writer of the song, but reissues credited the rest of the band to it as well.

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