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Staind (pronounced /ˈsteɪnd/, STAYND) is an American rock band from Springfield, Massachusetts, including lead singer/guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist Johnny April and drummer Jon Wysocki. Over the past 15 years the band has recorded six studio albums, had multiple chart topping singles, and sold over 15 million records worldwide.[1]

Staind is well known for using baritone guitars and over 20 guitar tunings, which helps give the band its distinctive sound.



Early days and Tormented (1995-1998)

Staind formed on September 23, 1995 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The band met through friends and started covering KoRn, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Tool, and Alice in Chains, among others, in smalltime clubs for a year and a half. Staind self-released their debut album, Tormented, in November 1996, citing influences Pantera and Machine Head. Until recently, the album was difficult to obtain, as only four thousand copies were originally sold. Since then, the band's official website has released the album to meet the demand from fans.

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