Stan Kelly-Bootle

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Stan Kelly-Bootle (born 1929, in Liverpool) is an author of nine books and numerous magazine articles, and songwriter. His most famous song is the Liverpool Lullaby (Oh you are a mucky kid), which Cilla Black recorded in 1969 as the B-side to her pop hit Conversations. He is also notable for achieving the first postgraduate diploma in computer science (1954).



Stan Kelly-Bootle was schooled at the Liverpool Institute. He spent 1948-1950 as a conscript in the British Army, achieving the rank of Sgt. Instructor in RADAR. He then attended Downing College, Cambridge, graduating with a degree in Numerical Analysis and Automatic Computing in 1954.

Folk singing career

In 1950, Kelly-Bootle helped found the St Lawrence Folk Song Society at Cambridge University.

As a folk song author and singer, he performed under the name "Stan Kelly". He wrote some of his own tunes and also wrote lyrics set to traditional tunes. In the course of his musical career, he made over 200 radio and television appearances, and released several recordings, as well as having his songs recorded by others.

Appearances with

Performers Kelly has appeared with (in audio recordings, television, radio, or live), or who have recorded his compositions include:

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