State highways in New Jersey

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In the U.S. state of New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) maintains a system of state highways. Every significant section of roadway maintained by the state is assigned a number, officially State Highway Route X but commonly called Route X by the NJDOT and the general public. Interstate Highways and U.S. Highways are included in the system, and are typically also called Route X, as there is no duplication of numbers between the systems. State Routes are signed with the standard circular highway shield. The majority of Routes are maintained by the state, but occasionally, for the sake of continuity, a local road is designated and signed as part of a Route. Additionally, all toll roads in New Jersey are assigned internal numbers by the NJDOT — the New Jersey Turnpike is 700 (south of the split with I-95), the Garden State Parkway is 444, the Palisades Interstate Parkway (not tolled, but maintained by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission) is 445, and the Atlantic City Expressway is 446.


Numbering and other details

Major routes are typically assigned one- or two-digit numbers, except where the numbers were chosen to match an adjacent state. Most numbers from 1 to 50 follow a general geographic pattern assigned in 1927 (details below), but later additions are more haphazard. The only suffixed routes other than U.S. Route 9W are short unmarked connections such as Route 76C, an elongated ramp to Interstate 76. The only bannered state route is Route 33 Business; U.S. Route 1 Business and U.S. Route 1-9 Truck are also present.

A statewide system of major county highways is numbered by the NJDOT in the 500-599 range; these are known as 500 Series County Routes. All counties but two – Bergen and Monmouth – number their other county routes beginning at 600. County routes in Bergen County range from 2 to 134; those in Monmouth County range from 1 to 57. Ocean County also has a system of minor county routes with numbers ranging from 3 to 111 in addition to those beginning with 600.

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