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The Strong Club System is a set of bidding conventions in the game of contract bridge[1]. It is classified as an artificial type of bidding system since the bids are highly codified.



This system uses an opening bid of 1♣ as an artificial, forcing opening that promises a strong hand. This is similar to the Standard American which opens with a 2♣ for a similar purpose. Generally, because of the lower level, the strong 1♣ opening can be assigned a minimum strength much lower than would be advisable for standard 2♣ opening. Commonly, the strong 1♣ will promise 16 or more high card points. All other bids would therefore be limited to a maximum of 15 high card points. Different authorities vary on the minimum for a strong 2♣ opening, but a typical figure is 22 high card points.


There are two generally acknowledged strengths of the strong club systems:


There are several types of strong club systems

  • Precision Club - It uses five-card majors (opening 1 or 1♠ promises five) which makes them very powerful at the cost of opening 40% of hands with 1.
  • Moscito - invented by the Australian expert Paul Marston in the mid-1980s.
  • Blue Club - invented by Benito Garozzo.


The original strong club system was the Vanderbilt Club, invented in the 1920s by Harold Vanderbilt. For many years, the most popular strong club systems were the Schenken Club in the US and the Neapolitan and Blue Team Club systems in Europe. Both are four-card major systems. The former is patterned closely after the standard American bidding of the time and the latter is characterized by canapé (bidding the second-longer suit) in many situations.

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