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Nationalism · Imperialism · Authoritarianism · Single party state · Dictatorship · Social Darwinism · Social interventionism · Indoctrination · Propaganda · Anti-intellectualism · Eugenics · Heroism · Militarism · Economic interventionism · Anti-communism

Definitions · Economics · Fascism and ideology · Fascism worldwide · Symbolism

Actual Idealism · Class collaboration · Corporatism · Heroic capitalism · National Socialism · National syndicalism · State capitalism · State socialism · Supercapitalism · Third Position · Totalitarianism

Greyshirts · Ossewabrandwag

Brit HaBirionim · Ganap Party · Sakurakai · Tōhōkai

Action Française · Black Front (Netherlands) · Breton Social-National Workers' Movement · British Fascists · British People's Party (1939) · British Union of Fascists · La Cagoule · Clerical People's Party · Faisceau · Falange · Flemish National Union · French Popular Party · General Dutch Fascist League · Imperial Fascist League · National Fascisti · National Front (Switzerland) · Nationalist Party (Iceland) · National Socialist Dutch Workers Party · National Socialist League · National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands · National Socialist Movement of Norway · National Union (Portugal) · New Party (UK) · Rexism

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