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The Summa Logicae is a textbook on logic by William of Ockham. It was written around 1323.

Systematically, it resembles other works of medieval logic, organised under the basic headings of the Aristotelian Predicables, Categories, terms, propositions, and syllogisms. These headings, though often given in a different order, represent the basic arrangement of scholastic works on logic.

This work is important in that it contains the main account of Ockham's nominalism.


Book I. On Terms

Book II. On Propositions

Book III. On Syllogisms

Part I. On Syllogisms

Part II. On Demonstration

Part III. On Consequences

  • These 37 chapters are a systematic exposition of Aristotle's Topics.

Part IV. On Obligation (7 chapters)

Part V. On the Liar Antinomy (1 chapter)

Part VI. On Fallacies (in 18 chapters)

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