Super Mario Sunshine

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Super Mario Sunshine (スーパーマリオサンシャイン Sūpā Mario Sanshain?) is a role-playing video game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo GameCube. It was released in Japan in July 2002, in North America in August 2002, and in Europe and Australia in October 2002. It is the second 3D Mario platformer since the release of Super Mario 64 in 1996. Super Mario Sunshine's successor is Super Mario Galaxy, which was released for the Wii in 2007.

The game takes place on the tropical Isle Delfino, where Mario, Toadsworth, Princess Peach and five Toads are taking a vacation. A villain resembling Mario, known as "Shadow Mario", vandalizes the entire island with graffiti, and Mario gets blamed for the mess. Later on, Mario is ordered to clean up Isle Delfino, while saving Princess Peach and Yoshi from Shadow Mario. Mario cleans up the island with a device called FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) invented by Professor E. Gadd.

Super Mario Sunshine was generally well-received by reviewers. The game has sold over 5.5 million copies, and was the tenth best-selling game of 2002 in the United States. Due to the game's commercial success, it was re-released as a Player's Choice title in 2003.



Super Mario Sunshine shares many similar gameplay elements with its predecessor, Super Mario 64, but it also introduces new features, like the ability to spin while jumping. FLUDD, a water-squirting accessory, is another new element in Super Mario Sunshine, which Mario uses to complete his mission. When Mario first acquires FLUDD (an acronym for Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device), he can spray and hover in the air using its nozzles. Two other nozzles can be unlocked later in the game to extend FLUDD's functionality: the Rocket Nozzle, which blasts Mario up high into the air; and the Turbo Nozzle, which lets Mario sprint at high speed on land and water and break down special doors.[1]

Mario can also ride Yoshi later in the game, who can eat fruit and squirt the juice of that fruit. This juice can be used to dissolve orange generators acting as obstacles, and briefly transform enemies into platforms for Mario to step on. The color of Yoshi and the effect of its juice depends on the type of fruit last eaten. For example, if Yoshi eats a pineapple or papaya, he will turn orange. A coconut or banana will turn Yoshi pink, and he will turn purple if he eats a durian or a pepper. Yoshi will disappear if he touches a body of water deep enough to warrant swimming, or if he goes too long without eating a fruit.[2]

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