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Svenska Dagbladet (common abbreviation SvD; the title translates as "the Swedish daily paper") is a daily newspaper in Sweden. The first issue appeared on 18 December 1884. Svenska Dagbladet is published in Stockholm and provides coverage of national and international news as well as local coverage of the Greater Stockholm region. Its subscribers are concentrated in the capital, but it is distributed in most of Sweden.

Among Swedish morning newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet has the third largest circulation (195,200 in 2007), after Dagens Nyheter and Göteborgs-Posten.[1]

The stated position of the editorial page is "independently moderate" (oberoende moderat), which means it is independent but adheres to the liberal conservatism of the Moderate Party.

Since 1925, Svenska Dagbladet has awarded an individual sportsperson or a team the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal at the end of each year.


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