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This figure includes people of Swedish ancestry

Swedish-speaking Finns/Finland-Swedes

Swedish citizens/Swedish speakers

Persons with Swedish ancestry

Related languages include Norwegian, Danish, Faroese, Icelandic, and to a lesser extent, other Germanic languages

Historically Norse paganism, Christianity (Mainly Lutheranism) and more recently Secularism. Also see Religion in Sweden.

Danes, Norwegians, Germans,[17] Icelanders, Faroese.
Other Germanic ethnic groups

Swedes (Swedish: svenskar) are a Scandinavian people, mostly inhabiting Sweden and the other Nordic countries, with descendants living in a number of countries.

Until the 9th century, the Scandinavian people lived in small Germanic kingdoms and chiefdoms known as petty kingdoms.[18] The Germanic tribe of the Swedes (Swedish: svear; Old Norse: svíar) lived in Svealand, bordering the Geats to the south. The consolidation of Sweden was a long process, and later, as Sweden's borders fluctuated over the centuries, so did the use of the Swedish language as well as Swedish self-identification.

The Swedish-speaking minority in Finland (finlandssvenskar) trace back to the many centuries when Finland was an integral part of Sweden. Their identity and relation towards Swedish and Finnish identities is a subject of discussion.[19][20][21] Other groups have acquired Swedish identity; until 1658, when Scania became a possession of the Swedish Crown, the Scanians were a people of the Eastern Province of Denmark speaking a dialect belonging to the East-Danish dialect group.[22] Similarly, groups like the Walloons settled in Sweden already in the 17th century, followed by many other groups in later periods. There are also several million people with Swedish ancestry in the United States and Canada following the large-scale emigration of the late 19th and early 20th century.


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