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Coordinates: 52°17′58″N 0°47′21″W / 52.2994°N 0.7893°W / 52.2994; -0.7893

Sywell is a small village in Northamptonshire, England. The village is governed by The Borough Council of Wellingborough. The name Sywell is thought to mean seven wells.



The facilities found in the village include:


The Ecton Lane part of the village is built just inside the walls of Overstone Hall; the estate wall is of fine quality and in village folklore is said to be seven feet high, be seven miles long and took seven men seven years to build.

Pevsner on Sywell

Church - this has a short tower dating to the 13th century. The pretty stair projection found in the west side of the church is not medieval as it appears. Renovations dating from the 1870s have left the church with an odd feel. There is a stained glass window by Willement dating from 1839, which is very fine. It uses heraldic glass dating from 1580.

Sywell Hall - the hall has a long straight front with two small and one larger gable ends. The house appears to originally date from Elizabethan times.

Village - many local houses were rebuilt by Lady Overstone in the 1860s - with the (old) school dating to 1861 and the rectory's rebuilding to 1862.

The church's plate dates from 1816 and is the work of Patten.

The airfield hosts an annual concert called "Music in the Air"[1]. A combination of classical Music and Aviation

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