Taiping Rebellion

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Later stages:
 United Kingdom

Qing Dynasty Tongzhi Emperor
Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi
Qing Dynasty Zeng Guofan
Qing Dynasty Sengge Rinchen
Qing Dynasty Guam Wing
Qing Dynasty Zuo Zongtang
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Charles George Gordon
Frederick Townsend Ward 
Henry Andres Burgevine 

Yang Xiuqing 
Xiao Chaogui 
Feng Yunshan 
Wei Changhui 
Shi Dakai 
Li Xiucheng 

The Taiping Rebellion was a widespread civil war in southern China from 1850 to 1864, led by heterodox Christian convert Hong Xiuquan, against the ruling Qing Dynasty. About 20 million people died, mainly civilians, in one of the deadliest military conflicts in history.[1]

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