Taiwan Province

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Taiwan Province of the Republic of China (in dark grey). The Tiaoyutai Islands to the northeast of the main island of Taiwan, claimed by the ROC as part of Ilan County are too small to be shown.

Taiwan Province (traditional Chinese: 臺灣省 or 台灣省; simplified Chinese: 台湾省; pinyin: Táiwān Shěng) is one of the two administrative divisions referred to as provinces and is controlled by the Republic of China (ROC), commonly known as "Taiwan". The province covers approximately 73% of the territory controlled by the Republic of China. Geographically it covers the majority of the island of Taiwan as well as all the smaller islands surrounding it, the largest of which are the Penghu archipelago, the Green Island and the Orchid Island. Taiwan Province excludes the Kinmen and Lienchiang counties, which are administered as Fujian province, and the centrally administered municipalities of Taipei and Kaohsiung, both of which located geographically within the island of Taiwan.

However, since 1997 most of the Taiwan provincial government's functions have been transferred to the central government of the Republic of China following the constitutional alteration, now the Taiwan provincial government effectively becomes a nominal institution under executive yuan's administration.[1][2]

The People's Republic of China (PRC) in mainland China regards itself as the "successor state" of the Republic of China (ROC)[citation needed], which it claims no longer legitimately exists, following the defeat of ROC forces in Mainland China. The PRC further claims that as such, the PRC has sovereignty over all of China which it claims the island of Taiwan is a part of, even though the PRC has never had control of Taiwan or other ROC-held territories since 1949. The ROC disputes this position, maintaining that it still legitimately exists and that the PRC has not succeeded it to sovereignty.


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