Tallassee, Alabama

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Tallassee (first called Talisi by the Creek Indians) is a city on the Tallapoosa River, located in both Elmore and Tallapoosa counties in the U.S. state of Alabama. At the 2000 census the population was 4,934. It is home to a major hydroelectric power plant at Thurlow Dam operated by Alabama Power Company.

The Elmore County portion of Tallassee is part of the Montgomery Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the Tallapoosa County portion is part of the Alexander City Micropolitan Statistical Area.



The Creek Wars and Indian removal

The Creek Indian ancestors in this area were from the Mississippian culture, which flourished from about 1000 to 1450 CE. They were mound builders, who centuries, this verdant area was the second largest permanent Indian settlement in North America.[citation needed]

The Tallassee area was the location of the last great Creek capital city, Tuckabatchee, as well as the Great Council Tree. The ancient tree was destroyed by a high wind in 1929.

After a visit in 1812 by the Shawnee hero Tecumseh, who urged the Creek to join the Great Confederation, the Creek split into two distinct ]]). Osceola, who would later become a prominent leader of the Seminole Indians in Florida, is believed to have been born in Talisi, to a mixed-race Creek mother and anEnglish father.

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