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Teilo (Latin: Teliaus; also Eliud) was a 6th-century Welsh clergyman and church founder revered as a saint in Wales, Brittany, and elsewhere. He is traditionally described as the founder of a number of churches in Wales, most importantly Llandaff Cathedral. Little is certainly known about him, though he was a very popular figure in early Wales.


According to traditions recorded in relatively later hagiographical material, Teilo was scion of an important noble family which also included his first cousin, Saint David.[1] The traditions indicate that he was instructed by Dubricius, and succeeded him as Bishop of Llandaff, where he founded the first church in Llandaff. Other important foundations include Llandeilo. He was supposed to have gone to Brittany with Samson of Dol, and to have returned to become Bishop of St David's following the death of his cousin. Following his own death his body is said to have miraculously become three identical bodies, a detail probably invented due to the fact that the popular saint's relics were claimed by three churches – Llandaff Cathedral, Llandeilo Vawr, and Penally Abbey.[1] His name survives in toponyms across Wales, and a number of parish churches in Wales, Brittany, and perhaps Cornwall and Devon are dedicated to him.


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