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As part of the PMG - 1901
As Telecom Australia - 12 June 1975

Catherine Livingstone (Chairman)

increase A$24.8 billion (2008)

increase A$4.073 billion (2009)

Telstra or Telstra Corporation Limited (often abbreviated as Telstra Corp) (ASXTLS, NZX: TLS) is an Australian telecommunications and media company, formerly owned by the Australian government and privatised in stages from the late 1990s. Telstra is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services, mobile services, dialup, wireless, DSL and cable internet access in Australia.[4][5] Telstra's headquarters are located at the Telstra Corporate Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Formerly Telecom Australia, the company was renamed in 1993 under the brand of Telstra. It was privatised in stages between 1997 and 2006.


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