That Thing You Do!

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That Thing You Do! is a 1996 film written and directed by Tom Hanks. Set in the summer of 1964, the movie tells the story of the quick rise and fall of a one-hit wonder rock band. The film also resulted in a musical hit with the song "That Thing You Do".



In 1964, Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott) is a drummer and jazz fan who works at his family's Erie, Pennsylvania appliance store. Rhythm guitarist/singer Jimmy Mattingly (Johnathon Schaech) and lead guitarist/singer Lenny Haise (Steve Zahn) ask Guy to substitute at the annual Mercyhurst College talent show for their group's injured regular drummer (Giovanni Ribisi). The group, including the bass player (Ethan Embry)[2] play a ballad written by Jimmy and Lenny titled "That Thing You Do". Jimmy's girlfriend Faye Dolan (Liv Tyler) suggests for the group the name "The Oneders"; it is pronounced "ONE-ders", but it is almost always mispronounced as the "oh-NEE-ders."

At the talent show, Guy unexpectedly sets up a fast, pounding beat rhythm to the originally slow-paced love song and it excites the crowd. The Oneders win the $100 top prize, obtain their first paying gig at a pizza parlor, and begin selling a single of "That Thing You Do", which receives local radio airplay and earns them bookings in nearby cities. After being herded by a local manager, their act becomes hotter and, at a Pittsburgh gig, a record company A&R representative Mr. White (Hanks) signs the band to Play-Tone Records, renaming the group The Wonders.

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