The Beano

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The Beano is a British children's comic, published by D.C. Thomson & Co and is possibly their most successful.

The comic first appeared on 30 July 1938,[1] and was published weekly. During the Second World War, The Beano and The Dandy were published on alternating weeks due to paper and ink rationing. D. C. Thomson's other publications also suffered, with the Oor Wullie and The Broons annuals falling victim to paper and ink shortages. Paper and ink supplies were fully restored shortly after the end of hostilities and weekly publication of The Beano and The Dandy resumed in 1949. In September 2009, the Beano's 3,500th issue was published.[2] The Beano is currently edited by Alan Digby, who replaced Euan Kerr in summer 2006. Euan Kerr subsequently edited the BeanoMAX, a version of the Beano for older readers. He has since left however, leaving Alan in charge of both comics.

Its iconic characters such as Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, Calamity James, Ivy the Terrible and Billy Whizz have become known to generations of British children. Earlier generations will remember other notable characters which have been phased out, such as Little Plum, Biffo the Bear and Big Eggo. Some old characters have made a return, like Lord Snooty.

The comics were also distributed in some of Britain's colonies or former colonies. As they were sent by sea mail, they would go on sale some weeks after the date shown on the cover.


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