The Boys from Brazil (novel)

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The Boys from Brazil is a 1976 thriller novel by Ira Levin.

It was subsequently made into a movie of the same name that was released in 1978.[1]


Yakov Liebermann is an elderly gentleman who is known as a Nazi hunter: he runs a center in Vienna that documents crimes against humanity perpetrated during the Holocaust. The waning interest of the Western nations in tracking down Nazi criminals has forced him to move the center to his lodgings.

Then, in September 1974, Liebermann receives a disturbing phone call from a young man who claims he has just finished eavesdropping on the so-called "Angel of Death," Dr. Josef Mengele, the concentration camp medical doctor who performed horrible experiments on camp victims during World War II. According to the young man, Mengele is activating the Kameradenwerk for a strange assignment: he is sending out six Nazis to kill 94 men, who share a few common traits. All men are civil servants, and all of them have to be killed on or about a certain date. All will be 65 years old at the time of their killing.

Before the young man can finish the conversation, there is a muffled sound of sudden action, followed by silence, and then the telephone line goes dead.

Liebermann hesitates about what to do: he gets so many prank calls. But what if what the young man said is true? He decides to try to investigate. It eventually transpires each of the 94 targets has a son aged 13, a clone of Adolf Hitler planted by Mengele. The killing of each civil servant father (married to a woman about 23 years younger) is an attempt to mimic the death of Hitler's own father, with the hope of creating a new Führer for the Nazi movement, with Mengele rekindling the hope that the Third Reich could develop again into a new superpower.


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