The Crying Game

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The Crying Game is a 1992 drama film written and directed by Neil Jordan. The film explores themes of race, gender, nationality, and sexuality against the backdrop of the Irish Troubles. The original working title of the film was The Soldier's Wife.[1]

The Crying Game is about the main character, Fergus' (Stephen Rea), experiences as a member of the IRA, his brief but meaningful encounter with Jody (Forest Whitaker) who is held prisoner by the group, and his unexpected romantic relationship with Jody's girlfriend, Dil (Jaye Davidson) whom Fergus promised Jody he would protect. However, unexpected events force Fergus to decide what he wants for the future, and ultimately what his nature dictates that he must do.



The film begins as a psychological thriller: IRA foot soldier Fergus (Stephen Rea) and a unit of other IRA terrorists, including a woman named Jude (Miranda Richardson) and led by Maguire (Adrian Dunbar), kidnap Jody (Forest Whitaker), a black British soldier. The IRA demands the release of other jailed IRA members, threatening to execute Jody in three days if their demands are not met. While the amiable Fergus guards Jody, they develop a bond - much to the chagrin of the other IRA soldiers. During this time, Jody tells Fergus the story about the frog and the scorpion.

Jody persuades Fergus to meet his girlfriend, Dil (Jaye Davidson), after he is killed and make sure she is all right. The deadline set by Jody's captors passes and Jody is to be executed. Fergus takes Jody into the woods to carry out the sentence. However, Jody knows that Fergus is no murderer at heart, and makes a break for it. Sure enough, Fergus cannot bring himself to shoot the fleeing Jody in the back, but Jody is instead accidentally run over and killed by British armoured personnel carriers as they suddenly move in to assault the IRA safehouse. With his IRA companions seemingly dead after the attack, Fergus hides from the main body of the IRA in London, where he takes a job as a day labourer with the alias "Jimmy". His slick boss is played by Tony Slattery. While in London, Fergus meets Jody's attractive girlfriend Dil at a hair salon. Later they talk in a bar (the bartender is Jim Broadbent), where the next evening he sees her singing "The Crying Game".

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