The Legend of Zelda (series)

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The Legend of Zelda (ゼルダの伝説 Zeruda no Densetsu?), occasionally called Legend of Zelda or Zelda,[1][2][3] is a high fantasy action-adventure video game series created by Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. It was developed and published by Nintendo, with some portable installments outsourced to Flagship/Capcom and Vanpool. Considered one of Nintendo's most important franchises[citation needed], its gameplay consists of a mixture of action, adventure, and puzzle solving. The series centers on Link, the playable main character and protagonist. Link is often given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda in the most common setting of the series, Hyrule, from Ganon—also known as Ganondorf—who is the primary antagonist of the series. However, other settings and antagonists have appeared throughout the games, with Vaati having recently become the series' secondary antagonist. The story commonly involves a relic known as the Triforce, which is a set of three omnipotent golden triangles. Link holds the Triforce of Courage, Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom, and Ganon holds the Triforce of Power. The protagonist in each game is usually not the same incarnation of Link, but a few exceptions do exist.

As of April 2010, The Legend of Zelda series has sold over 59 million copies since the release of the first game, The Legend of Zelda,[4] and continues to be successful worldwide. The original Legend of Zelda is the fourth best selling NES game,[5] of all time. The series consists of 15 official games on all of Nintendo's major consoles, as well as several spin-offs. An American animated series based on the games aired in 1989, and individual manga adaptations which are officially endorsed and commissioned by Nintendo have been produced in Japan since 1997.

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