The Price Is Right (U.S. game show)

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The Price Is Right is an American game show in which contestants compete to identify the pricing of merchandise to win cash and prizes. The current version of the show premiered on September 4, 1972 on CBS and was hosted by Bob Barker until his retirement on June 15, 2007. Drew Carey succeeded Barker at the beginning of Season 36 on October 15, 2007.[1] In a 2007 article, TV Guide named The Price Is Right the "greatest game show of all time".[2] The show is well-known[3] for its signature line of "Come on down!" when the announcer directs newly-selected contestants to "Contestants' Row".

The original version of the show aired from 1956–1965 and was hosted by Bill Cullen.[4] While retaining some elements of the earlier generation show, the 1972 version added many new distinctive gameplay elements and is the longest continuously-running game show in United States television history, with over 7,300 episodes aired.[2] The program's 39th season premiered on September 20, 2010.[5]


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