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The Skeptic's Dictionary is a collection of cross-referenced skeptical essays by Robert Todd Carroll, published on his website and in a printed book.[1][2][3] The site was launched in 1994 and the book was published in 2003 with nearly 400 entries. The website has continued to grow after the publication of the book and contains, as of July 18, 2010, more than 612 entries.[4]

The printed version has nearly four hundred entries and is one of the most comprehensive single-volume guides to skeptical information on pseudoscientific, paranormal, and occult topics. The entries are referenced and the bibliography contains some seven hundred references for more detailed information. According to the back cover of the book, the on-line version receives approximately 500,000 hits per month.



Carroll is an atheist[5] and "hardened skeptic" (one "who has strong disbelief about all things occult"). Carroll states that the book is not meant to present a balanced view on occult subjects — it is intended to be a small counterbalance to the voluminous occult and paranormal literature.[6]

The articles in the book are in several categories:

Print versions are available in English, Estonian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.[7] Numerous entries have been translated for the Internet in several other languages. A newsletter[8] keeps interested parties up to date on new entries and an archived list of previous newsletters is available for online perusal. Norcross et al. state that Carroll has made considerable progress in exposing pseudoscience and quackery.[9][verification needed]

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