The Weakest Link (UK game show)

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The Weakest Link is a British television quiz show broadcast on BBC One. It was devised by doctor and situation comedy writer Fintan Coyle and the comedian Cathy Dunning, and developed for television by the BBC Entertainment Department. It has since been replicated around the world (see The Weakest Link). The UK version is hosted by Anne Robinson, and narrated by Jon Briggs.



The original format features a team of nine contestants who take turns answering general knowledge questions. The object of each round is to create a chain of consecutive correct answers to earn an increasing amount for a single communal pot within a certain time limit. Just one incorrect answer breaks the chain and wipes out any money earned in that chain. However, before their question is asked, a contestant can choose to bank the current amount of money earned in a chain to a safe pot, after which then the chain starts fresh. Not banking, in anticipation that one will be able to correctly answer the upcoming question, allows the money to grow as each successive correct answer earns proportionally more money.

When the allotted time for each round ends, any money not banked is lost, and if the host is in the middle of asking a question, or has asked a question but the contestant has yet to answer, the question is abandoned and (on certain occasions), the host gives the correct answer whether or not the contestant is able to answer the question correctly. The round automatically ends if the team successfully reaches the maximum amount for the round before the allotted time expires and the next person says "Bank". Each round thereafter is reduced by 10 seconds as players get eliminated. This means that the remaining two players will have 1:30 on the clock for the triple stakes round.

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