The Wildlife Trusts partnership

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The Wildlife Trusts Partnership, or simply The Wildlife Trusts, is a partnership of 47 local wildlife trusts in the United Kingdom plus the Isle of Man and Alderney.

The partnership's member trusts, between them, look after more than 2,200 nature reserves covering 90,000 hectares. As of 2009 they have a combined membership of 791,000 members.

The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT), an independent charity, is also part of the partnership and acts as an umbrella group for the local Wildlife Trusts, as well as operating a separate grants unit which administers a number of funds.

Their Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales. Their President is Professor Aubrey Manning OBE. The vice presidents are Sir David Attenborough, Prof. Chris Baines, Prof. David MacDonald, Julian Pettifer, Prof. Robert Worcester, Chris Packham, Nick Baker, Bill Oddie and Simon King.


Activities of The Wildlife Trusts

Wildlife Trusts are local organisations of differing size, history and origins, and can vary greatly in their constitution, activities and membership. However, all wildlife trusts share a common interest in wildlife and biodiversity, rooted in a practical tradition of land management and conservation. Almost all county wildlife trusts are significant landowners, with many nature reserves. Collectively they are the third largest voluntary sector landowners in the UK. They often have extensive educational activities, and programmes of public events and education. The Wildlife Trusts centrally and locally also lobby for better protection of the UK's natural heritage, by becoming involved in planning matters and by national campaigning through the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. The trusts rely heavily upon volunteer labour for many of their activities, but nevertheless employ significant numbers of staff in countryside management and education. Thanks to their work promoting the personal and social development of young people, the Wildlife Trusts is a member of The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS)[1].

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