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The Tisza or Tisa is one of the main rivers of Central Europe. It rises in Ukraine, and is formed near Rakhiv by the junction of headwaters White Tisa, whose source is in the Chornohora mountains and Black Tisa, which springs in the Gorgany range. It flows roughly along the Romanian border and enters Hungary at Tiszabecs; downstream, it marks the Slovak-Hungarian border, passes through Hungary, and falls into the Danube in north Serbia (Vojvodina). There, it forms the boundary between the regions of Bačka and Banat. The river also forms short portions of the border between Hungary and Ukraine and between Hungary and Serbia.

The Tisza drains an area of about 156,087 km2 (60,266 sq mi)[2] and has a length of 965 km (600 mi)[2] (the 16th longest river in Europe)—the biggest catchment and length of any of Danube tributaries[2]. With the mean annual discharge of 792 m3/s (28,000 cu ft/s), its contribution to the Danube's total runoff is about 13%[2].

Names for the river in the countries it flows through are:

The river was known as the Tisia in antiquity, and Latin names for it included Tissus, Tisia, Pathissus (Pliny, Naturalis historia, 4.25). In the Serbian- and Slovak languages, it is called Tisa. It may be referred to as the Theiss (German: Theiß) in older English references, after the German name for the river.

Attila the Hun is said to have been buried under a diverted section of the river Tisza.


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