Tom Jones (singer)

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Sir Thomas John Woodward,[1][2] OBE[3] (born 7 June 1940), known by his stage name Tom Jones, is a Welsh singer. Jones is particularly noted for his powerful voice.[4] Since the mid 1960s, Jones has sung nearly every form of popular music – pop, rock, R&B, show tunes, country, dance, techno, soul and gospel.[5] Since 1965, Jones has sold over 100 million records.[6]


Early life

Tom Jones was born at 57 Kingsland Terrace, Treforest, Pontypridd in South Wales[7]. His parents were Freda Jones (died 7 February 2003) and Thomas Woodward (died 5 October 1981), a coal miner.[8]. His family were mainly of English descent, with both of his paternal grandparents being born in England and his maternal grandmother born in Wales to English parents. Most of his ancestral roots appear to lie in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset.[9]

Jones began singing at an early age: he would regularly sing at family gatherings, weddings, and in his school choir. Jones is dyslexic and he did not like school or sports; however, he was able to gain confidence through his singing talent.[10] At age 12, Jones was struck down by tuberculosis. Many years later he said, "I spent two years in bed recovering. It was the worst time of my life." During convalescence, he could do little else but listen to music and draw.[11]

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