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Torah Judaism is an English term, used by a number of Orthodox Jewish groups, to describe Judaism as being based on a strict adherence to the laws of the Torah's 613 mitzvot as expounded in Orthodox Halakha.

Followers of Torah Judaism also follow the Daat Torah, i.e., the guidelines of rabbis, especially the followers' rebbes ("Hasidic rabbis), rosh yeshivas ("deans of yeshivas -- Talmudical schools"), or of a posek (expert in the Shulkhan Arukh, the "Code of Jewish Law") and is thus often limited to mean Haredi, as opposed to Modern Orthodox, Jews, although the latter are also Torah-observant..

The phrase Torah Judaism implies a belief and practice of Judaism that is based on the Torah (meaning the inclusion of the entire Torah, Tanakh, Talmud, and all the rabbinic authorities that followed) and on the premise that the Torah emanates directly from God as revealed at Mount Sinai. The concept of a Sinaitic covenant is further expressed through such Hebrew phrases as:

  • Torah min ha-Shamayim ("Torah from Heaven/sky")
  • Torat Hashem ("Torah of God"")
  • Torah mi-Sinai ("Torah from Sinai")
  • Kedushat HaTorah ("Holiness of Torah")
  • Torat Hashem temimah ("Torah of God is pure/complete")
  • Matan Torah ("giving the Torah")
  • Kabbalat HaTorah ("receiving/acceptance of Torah")
  • Na'aseh ve-nishmah ("we shall do and we shall hear")

The term "Torah Judaism" is a reaction to the perceived pejorative meaning of "Orthodox", as well as a conscious intent to label non-Orthodox Jewish movements as being divorced from the Torah.

A separate article exists on Relationships between Jewish religious movements.

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