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Transister is an alternative rock band formed in late-1995 in Los Angeles by music business veterans from both the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite only having released one album to moderate sales, their work has been featured on a number of film soundtracks.



Transister's formation was the culmination of various collaborations between songwriter Eric Pressly, former Danny Wilson frontman Gary Clark, and vocalist Keely Hawkes. Hawkes first made use of Pressly's songwriting on her 1993 solo debut for EMI, while Pressly and Clark first worked together on the band King L in 1995. The three were encouraged by the results of their early songwriting attempts, and decided to release a six-song EP on their own label.

Transister began to attract major-label attention after KCRW DJ Christopher Douridas played a few of the self-recorded tracks on Morning Becomes Eclectic in early 1996. Interscope Records released Transister's self-titled debut in the US in 1997; UK and international distribution was handled by Virgin Records. Tracks from the album were featured on a number of film soundtracks, including Night Watch, Wild Things, Jawbreaker, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels, and Cheaters. Although members of the band have since gone on to other projects, Keely Hawkes and Eric Pressly maintained a relationship and were married on January 8, 2005.



  • Transister (Interscope, 1997)

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