Transport in Denmark

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Transport in Denmark is developed and modern. The motorway network now covers 1,111 km[1] while the railway network totals 2,667 km of operational track.[2] Bridges across the Great Belt and the Øresund have done much to improve traffic flow across the country and between Denmark and Sweden. The airports of Copenhagen and Billund provide a variety of domestic and international connections while ferries provide services to Germany, Sweden, Norway and the UK as well as routes to the Danish islands.



The largest railway operator in Denmark is Danske Statsbaner (DSB) — Danish State Railways. Arriva operates some routes in Jutland, and several other smaller operators provide local services.

The total length of operational track is 2,667 km, 640 km electrified at 25 kV AC, 946 km double track (2008).[3] 508 km is privately owned and operated. Track is standard gauge.

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