Transport in Guyana

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The transport sector comprises the physical facilities, terminals, fleets and ancillary equipment of all the various modes of transport operating in Guyana, the transport services, transport agencies providing these services, the organisations and people who plan, build, maintain, and operate the system, and the policies that mould its development.


City transportation

Public transport around Guyana's capital Georgetown is provided by privately owned mini buses which operate in allocated zones for which there is a well-regulated fare structure. This arrangement extends to all mini bus routes throughout the country. There are few designated stopping points for mini buses, which will pick up passengers at virtually any point on their routes. This practice often poses a serious inconvenience to other vehicles.

Taxis have freer movement around the city and into rural areas. Their fare, while generally standard, is less regulated. Starting in 2010, all taxis must be painted yellow, a regulation designed to protect consumers and to distinguish the vehicles from others that are often used in committing crimes. All taxis are registered under the term "Hackney Carriage" and carry the letter H at the beginning of their number plates.

The network of routes has a number of identifiable starting points which are concentrated in the Stabroek area and along the Avenue of the Republic between Croal and Robb Streets.

Road conditions vary immensely, and maintenance is sometimes deficient. In 2006 there was one operational set of traffic lights but in July 2007, a modern system was installed by Indian firm CMS Traffic Systems Limited, through a US$2.1 million line of credit to the government from India’s EXIM Bank, providing signals for both vehecular and pedestrian traffic.(see newspaper article on various maintenence issues)

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