Transport in Iraq

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Transport in Iraq consists of railways, highways, waterways, pipelines, ports and harbors, marines and airports.



total: 2,032 km
standard gauge: 2,032 km 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

For more than two decades there have been plans for building a metro system in Baghdad. It is possible that part of the tunnels have been built, but that they are now used militarily for sheltering, hiding and escaping purposes. U.N. inspectors have heard of the tunnels for years, but have not found their entrances. [1] map [2] [3] In November, 2008, an overground service dubbed the Baghdad Metro began service. Local government in Baghdad is arranging feasibility studies for the construction of two new underground lines."Railway Gazette: Urban rail progress in Najaf and Baghdad". Retrieved 2010-07-21. </ref>

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