Transport in Liberia

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Transport in Liberia is as follows:



Historically, three railways were built in Liberia to export ore from mines; they were damaged during civil war, and as of August 2010 only one had been brought back into service.

There are no rail connections with other countries, although there has been a proposal to extend the Bong mine railway to serve a mine across the border in Guinea.


total: 10,600 km (6,586 mi) (there is major deterioration on all highways due to heavy rains and lack of maintenance)
paved: 657 km (408 mi)
unpaved: 9,943 km (6,178 mi) (1996 est.)

When construction and reconstruction of roads in Liberia is complete, the Trans-West African Coastal Highway will cross the country, connecting it to Freetown (Sierra Leone), Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire), and eventually to 11 other nations of ECOWAS.

Ports and harbors

Merchant marine

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