Transport in Romania

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Civil Aviation

Poşta Română

All transportation infrastructure in Romania is the property of the state, and is administered by the Ministry of Transports, Constructions and Tourism, except when operated as a concession, in which case the concessions are made by the Ministry of Administration and Interior.[1]


Roads and automotive transport

According to CIA Factbook, Romania total road network is estimated to be 198,817 km long, out of which 60,043 km are paved and 138,774 km (2004) are unpaved.[2] The World Bank estimates that the road network that is outside of cities and communes (i.e. excluding streets and village roads) is about 78,000 km long.[1]


As of December 2009, only 321.3 km are in use. Nevertheless, the construction of an extensive motorway network is among the top priorities for the government. There are plans to build another 800 km of motorways in a first stage which by optimistic forecasts will be ready by 2012. Currently under construction is the Autostrada Transylvania, which is the largest motorway project in Europe with a length of 588 km from Bucharest to Oradea (near the Hungarian border). This project is expected to be completed by 2013.[3] Other motorways projects under construction include: CernavodaMedgidia (19 km) and Medgidia–Constanţa (32 km), part of the A2 (Autostrada Soarelui) motorway.[4]

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