Transport in Saudi Arabia

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This page lists various methods of transportation in Saudi Arabia.



Saudi Arabia has several hundred route kilometres of standard gauge railways linking the capital Riyadh with the Persian Gulf. The new 440 km Haramain High Speed Rail Project will link Makkah and Medina.[1]

The Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro is under construction in the holy city of Makkah.[2]


total: 152,044 km
paved: 45,461 km
unpaved: 106,583 km (2000)

Highways in Saudi Arabia vary from eight laned roads to small two laned roads in rural areas. The city highways and other major highways are well maintained such as the roads in Riyadh. The roads are constructed so they resist the summer's high heat and do not reflect the strong sun. The outer city highways such as the one linking from coast to coast are not as great as the inner-city highways but the government is now working on rebuilding those roads.

Some of the important inter-city highways include the following:[3]

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