Transport in the Falkland Islands

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The Falkland Islands currently has three primary means of transport - road, sea and air. However in 1946, when Sir Miles Clifford, arrived as governor, there were no air services, no roads outside Stanley and an indifferent sea service. Sir Miles was instrumental in starting the Falkland Islands Government Air Service in December 1948. The inaugural flight involved a mercy flight from North Arm Settlement to Stanley to bring a girl with peritonitis to life-saving medical help in Stanley. [1] There is now an international airport, a domestic airport, a number of airstrips, a growing road network and a much-improved ferry service between the two main islands.



In 1982, the Falkland Islands had no roads outside Stanley, only tracks.[2] By 2007, the Falkland Islands had a road network of 488 miles (786 km), with a further 31 miles (50 km) planned for construction by the end of 2013. This will complete the links to all occupied mainland settlements.[3] The Stanley - Mount Pleasant Airport - Goose Green road and roads within Stanley are tarred; all other roads are gravel all-weather roads.[4]

There are two taxi services in Stanley, which can be used for travel within the town and the surrounding areas. A variety of four-wheel drive vehicles can be hired in Stanley, which are essential for travel along unpaved roads.[5] A bus service ferries passengers between the main airport for international flights at Mount Pleasant and Stanley.[6] Bicycles can also be hired, though because of the unsealed roads and hilly terrain, these are more suitable for use around the Stanley area.[7]


There are two seaports in the Falkland Islands, Stanley (East Falkland) and Fox Bay (West Falkland). The designated harbours in Stanley area include Berkeley Sound, Port William and Stanley Harbour itself.[8] Fox Bay is also a customs entry point for West Falkland. The Falkland Islands do not have a merchant marine.

Since November 2008, a regular ferry service has linked the two main islands, carrying cars, passengers and cargo. The ferry, MV Concordia Bay, a 42.45 m twin-screw shallow draft (2.59 m) landing craft[9] runs between Port Howard in West Falkland and New Haven in East Falkland.[10] She has a deck, 30 m in length and 10 m in width which is sufficient for 16 one-ten Land Rovers (or equivalent) and accomodation for 30 passengers. She also has a crane that is capable of lifting 10 tonnes at 7 m. She also visits some of the smaller islands.

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