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Saint Helena has no major railways, and most of the highways are on the island of Saint Helena, which has 118 km (98 km paved and 20 unpaved). Tristan da Cunha has 2.70 km of paved highways, while Ascension has 80 km of paved highways. The only major harbours are Georgetown, Ascension and Jamestown, Saint Helena.

There is no merchant marine.

Saint Helena does not have an airport but after many years of negotiation an airport building project started, due for completion in 2011. The project was placed on review in late 2009, much to the residents displeasure. An airport was built on Ascension during World War II to be used as a staging point for aircraft being ferried from factories in Canada and the United States to the war in North Africa. At the end of the war the airport was abandoned, subsequently re-opening when Ascension started to be used as base for monitoring space launches and ICBM tests. Ascension airport is now known as RAF Wideawake. The only way to fly to Ascension is to fly with the RAF via RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, England on an overnight charter, operated (as of September 2010) by an Air Seychelles Boeing 767-300ER. A limited number of civilians are allowed on this flight but fares are high. Transferring from Ascension to Saint Helena takes two days on the RMS Saint Helena.

The Saint Helena Railway Company built an inclined-plane railway on the island in 1829.[1]

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